The carriage of goods by tank-vehicles enables the delivery of powdered and bulk cargoes through the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, within and between the CIS countries. This is a reliable and efficient way of transportation of goods over long distances, demanded today by manufacturers and suppliers.

Железнодорожные перевозки

Transportation of tanks with LLP «Alfert» will allow to ensure delivery of goods on time and with a guarantee of their safety, and own fleet of wagons and a large number of shipping routes give the opportunity to choose the suitable option for fast transportation of any products.

Advantages of carriage of CFC goods by tank

The rail transport of tanks has many competitive advantages. For example, the construction of wagons and the tanks themselves makes it possible to ensure that the loads are completely sealed and secure, thus ensuring safety for people and the environment. The railway allows the transport of dangerous and combustible goods without the need to choose a separate route for the shipment of such goods. Carriage by rail in tanks is reliable for the transport of any product along the entire route of the convoy. Carriage of CFF by tank has a number of features. The tank wagon is designed to be equipped with a boiler (receptacle or receptacle) which is completely hermetically closed. Depending on the goods to be transported, different tank options can be chosen. There is an option where the walls of the container have a special treatment for thermal insulation or protection against the influence of transported aggressive substances. It is also possible to choose tanks of different dimensions: depending on the manufacturer in tanks, the height of the boiler and its length can vary.

Ordering the carriage of goods by rail in tanks

You can order the carriage of goods in tanks on the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan and CIS countries in LLP «Alfert», filling in the application on the site or contacting us by phone. Call, and our experts will tell you the best option for the choice of the tank, will help you choose the right route and will form a composition with your cargo.

Railway wagons - tanks

8 axle tank for petroleum products
Model 15-871
Carrying capacity - 120 t
Wagon packaging weight 48.8 t
Volume of body - 140 m3
8 axle oil tank, model 15-880 Carrying capacity - 125 t
Weight of wagon packaging - 51 t
Volume of body - 159 m3
4-axle tank for petrol and light petroleum products,
model 15-869
Load capacity - 62 tons
Wagon packaging weight - 25.3 t
Volume of body - 88.6 m3
4-axis tank for petrol with transitional platform, 
Model 15-1427
Carrying capacity - 60 t
Wagon packaging weight - 23.4 t
Volume of body - 73.1 m3
4 axle tank for viscous petroleum products, 
model 15-1566
Carrying capacity - 63.5 t
Wagon packaging weight 24.23 t
Volume of body - 73.17 m3


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