Dangerous cargo

The most difficult type of transportation is considered to be the transportation of dangerous goods by road. They are subject to increased security requirements and strict rules apply. As a result, such transportation is impossible without the involvement of organizations with appropriate permits.

Dangerous cargo

The thing is that the transportation of dangerous goods in the event of an emergency can cause significant harm to the environment. Due to their properties, the waste of such cargoes, if not properly transported, can become dangerous to human life and health. That is why the transportation of dangerous goods by road requires careful preparation and relevant experience.

Alfert LLP has all the necessary permits and can transport any category of cargo. We have been providing services for more than ten years, we have all the necessary equipment, we hire only the highest class drivers, we control the entire delivery process, we are fully engaged in documentation and we choose the best route for transportation.

Turning to us, you can be sure that the transportation of dangerous goods will take place under the strictest control and will be carried out at the highest level. And thanks to a long stay on the market and its own fleet of vehicles, the company provides transportation at very affordable prices.

Dangerous goods: classification and features

Dangerous goods are divided into nine classes, each of which includes several subclasses. This classification is not accidental and each cargo has its own special requirements for its transportation. The only common and constant is the increased security measures that must be provided at the boot stage.
First class
The first class includes all explosive materials. These can be explosive products with low or high sensitivity, flammable, as well as explosive materials that do not pose a significant hazard. All of them are packed in accordance with GOST, with mandatory labeling of products. Particular attention is paid to packaging for the transport of explosive materials. It must be sealed, closed, fully functional and securely fastened.
Second class
The second class consists of all types of gases, including gases under pressure and flammable. Their transportation is obligatory by specialized transport. The technical condition of the moving vehicle is checked separately; in some cases, cars are equipped with an exhaust pipe. The fuel tank of the car is equipped separately, the electrical equipment undergoes a thorough check, the list of mandatory transport equipment is increased.
Third class
The third class is flammable liquids. This dangerous goods must be transported in a sealed container, and the carrier, among other things, provides protection from outside influences. So all cars are equipped with special mufflers for grounding, additional ventilation and devices for trapping sparks.
Fourth class
The fourth hazard class consists of solids that are easily flammable or may ignite spontaneously.
Fifth class
These are oxidizing agents and organic peroxides.
Sixth class
These are poisons and infectious cargoes. Since such a cargo is capable of causing significant harm to the environment, poisons and infections are transported according to strict sanitary standards; if necessary, such cargo can be accompanied by armed guards.
Seventh class
These are radioactive materials.
Eighth class
Corrosive and caustic goods and substances.
Ninth class
Other dangerous goods not included in this list.

For the transportation of dangerous goods, a special transportation route is developed, which is agreed with various authorities. If necessary, escort vehicles can be involved in transportation.

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