CIS countries

CIS countries

If the company requires cargo transportation, today you can choose air, sea or road transport. However, 68% of senders prefer rail transport.  Why this choice? Firstly, waiting freight transport allows you to transport goods at any distance. Secondly, the weight of the lot can be anything. For small shipments it is possible to use separate containers and wagons, and for large - whole trains. Third, well-developed rail links throughout the CIS and the Baltic States allow for speedy transport.eed of delivery

Each application received, managers quickly process, calculate the cost, coordinate it with the client, place an order, after which the delivery of the cargo is carried out on the chosen route exactly in time..

Types of wagons in railway transport

LLP «Alfert» offers various options for freight transport in the CIS. You can transport any volume of cargo in the cities of the CIS countries.  Depending on the type of cargo, suitable rolling stock is selected for transport. For example, transportation of some goods requires a certain temperature regime. Specialists of the company «Alfert» will help to take into account all the nuances.

We offer a wide range of rolling stock:

  • Covered wagons. Protect cargo from harmful weather conditions and from mechanical damage.
  • Semi-cars. Common type of open wagons, which is usually used for the transport of raw materials.
  • Containers. Will help deliver any cargo. He will not be afraid of any weather conditions. Possible options: 20 and 40 feet, 3 and 5 tons.
  • Tanks. Specialized wagons for the transport of liquid goods, oil and petroleum products.
  • Platform. Open Rolling Stock, which is used for the transport of large, oversized and long loads,  timber products, as well as various machinery.

Our advantages:

Preservation of content
For each cargo, the optimum version of the rolling stock is selected, which will help to protect the cargo from damage and adverse environmental effects
All types of cargo
We transport all kinds of cargo: bulk, bulk, dangerous, oversize and oversized, piece and other types of cargo. The best version of the rolling stock is selected for each. In some cases, platforms (e.g., specialized transport) and in some cases tanks (e.g., oil, liquid food and chemicals), etc.
In order to reduce logistics costs, we carefully draw up routes and select rolling stock. As a result, transportation budgets may be lower than when choosing another mode of transport.
Delivery within specified deadlines
Trains deliver cargo quickly, regardless of weather and road conditions. Your cargo will arrive at the end on time. Railway transport of the CIS and the Baltic States with the company «Alfert» is efficiency.

Are you interested in the organization of transport in the CIS and the Baltic States? In this case, you can contact our company. Fill in the application form on the site, contact our managers by phone, email or contact the specialist via on-line consultant. Specialists of LLP «Alfert» will answer all your questions and will help you to choose the best option for you.

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