Oversized cargo

If during the transportation of ordinary cargoes it is only required to draw up the appropriate documentation, choose a route and transport, then the transportation of oversized cargo is characterized by additional difficulties at each of these stages. It is on the rules for the transportation of such cargo, requirements and features that we will dwell in more detail.

Oversized cargo

Before talking about the rules for transporting oversized goods, you should understand what specific products fall under this definition. So, oversized cargo is, in fact, any object that does not meet the standards specified in the norms and requirements. It can significantly exceed the dimensions regulated for conventional transportation, differ in its greater mass or bulky shape. Such cargo cannot be transported normally by conventional transport, it requires special equipment and appropriate rules for its transportation. That is why not all companies can carry out the transportation of heavy goods by road and its preparation.

What is oversized cargo?

Today, the definition of "oversized cargo" includes such goods as special industrial equipment, special equipment, agricultural machinery and other vehicles. This concept also includes structures that differ in non-standard parameters: high height or heavy structures.

The responsibilities of a company that is engaged in sending non-standard cargo, among other things, include the search for a suitable transport that meets all requirements. So, for example, with a high load height, transport with a low platform is selected. And if the mass exceeds the allowable norms of transportation in the usual way, then transport with an increased carrying capacity and an increased number of axles is selected.

Requirements for the carriage of heavy goods by road

Transport selection
Finding the appropriate transport for the transport of heavy cargo is only one of the steps in the appropriate preparation for delivery. As already mentioned, not all companies are able to carry out such transportation. And the matter is not only in the availability of the necessary equipment, but also in certificates and licenses. The organization that provides this service must have all the relevant documents allowing it to work with such a product.
It is also necessary to strictly follow the restrictions that apply to oversized cargo. Transport along the route should not interfere with normal traffic on the road, and in cases where the cargo exceeds the allowable standards in terms of its dimensions, then freight transport must accompany the traffic police car.
Also, escort vehicles are connected to the transportation, if necessary, the route is changed. Or on the way there is an intersection with a bridge or tunnel. If there is not enough space for the transport of cargo or there are doubts about safety, then escort vehicles block the road for the duration of the passage of cargo transport.
Identification marks
There are certain requirements for vehicles carrying heavy loads. So it must have the necessary identification marks, including information about the transportation of oversized cargo.

Cargo requirements

  • Oversized cargo must be securely fixed on the carrier's vehicle, while it must not interfere with the normal operation of all vehicle lighting devices and hide any of the identification marks.
  • Oversized cargo should in no way interfere with the normal driving of the vehicle and can be transported without escort vehicles only if its length is not more than 24 meters and its width is 3.5 meters.

Route coordination

Another difficult stage that must be passed to send oversized cargo is the coordination of its route. It should be noted that due to non-standard dimensions and weight, the highway authority may refuse to pass on any of the sections of the route. That is why, even before dispatch, all information about the route is transmitted to the relevant authorities, which consider the chosen route and check the possibility of a truck with oversized cargo passing along it.

The fare is also calculated, if necessary, requirements for additional examinations can be put forward. In case all is well, the proposed route is approved.

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