Railway platforms for the transport of containers in the freight forwarding company «Alfert» are one of the main types of wagons that are used for the transportation of goods on the territory of Kazakhstan, Russia and other CIS countries. The popularity of such transport lies in the ability to easily deliver oversized, heavy loads, self-propelled equipment and containers. The container transport platform is in itself the simplest type of rolling stock, but the transport of specific goods makes it indispensable.

Железнодорожные перевозки

The CF container transport platform has a number of advantages and may vary depending on the cargo. So, in the car park «Alfert» there are universal and specialized platforms. While the former are capable of handling any cargo and differ in a standard set of equipment, the specialized, on the contrary, can only carry a certain cargo. For example, on the universal platforms around the perimeter are mounted folding boards, and the flooring is made with metal beams, serving amplifiers. At the same time on specialized platforms flooring may not be at all, and this option is ideal as a platform for the transport of CF containers.

It should be noted that container carriage by rail on the platform has particular advantages

Like other rail freight, it has a democratic price
Loading and unloading is much faster, and standardised containers make it possible to transport them further by any mode of transport
The railway platform for the transport of containers allows the installation of heavy containers. Cargo in such transport will be protected from any external influences
Freight forwarding company «Alfert» has all kinds of railway platforms, which will allow you to choose the best option for transportation of your goods

Options for railway platforms for the transport of goods

With us you will be able to order a railway platform for the transport of containers, to choose the best option, suitable for you by cost and delivery time. To do this, you need to contact the company’s experts. They will tell you the model of the car you need for height, weight and dimensions of the cargo.

Railway wagons - platforms

4-axis platform with metal sides, model 13-401  Carrying capacity - 70 t
Wagon packaging weight - 20.9 t
Internal dimensions: length - 13.3 m
width - 2.77 m
Height from EEG - 1.31 m
Europallet - 33
4-axis platform with metal sides Carrying capacity - 63 tons
Wagon packaging weight - 21 t
4-axis platform, model 23-4000  Load capacity - 56 t
Wagon packaging weight - 34 t
4-axis platform, model 13-935
Load capacity- 73 t
Wagon packaging weight- 27 t
6-axis transfomator platform, model 13-435 Load capacity - 93 t
Wagon packaging weight- 29 t


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