When no special protection is required against adverse weather conditions, the human factor, the carriage of goods in semi-wagons is used. The latter differ from covered wagons in the way of loading - through the top, since they usually do not have a roof. J/a carriage of semi-cars in Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries make a significant share of freight flow, including carried out by the freight forwarding company «Alfert».

Железнодорожные перевозки

Railway wagons almost always have an open body at the top, although the concept of «covered wagon» also exists. But top loading is not the only way, there are often folding hatches (part of the bottom) in the floor and hinged sashes in the ends. The deactivated model is also widely used, as not everything carried can and should be unloaded through the bottom. On the railway, universal semi-cars are mainly used, but there is a fleet of specialized - «Alfert» this has.

Options for carriage of semi-cars

Transportation of semi-carriages in «Alfert» convenient for customers, as the company managers can always choose the types that best suit the nature of the cargo. On one side — loading standards, capacity and dimensions of the wagon, on the other side — dimensions of the cargo, its height, length, weight and other parameters. All this is agreed by the specialists with the customer, if necessary, the order conditions are adjusted accordingly.


8 axle wagon     Carrying capacity - 125 t
Wagon packaging weight - 45,174 t
Volume of body - 137.5m3
6-axle all-metal semi-wagon 

Carrying capacity - 94 t
Wagon packaging weight - 32.4 t
Body volume - 106m3

4-axle all-metal wagon,
model 12-1000
Length - 12, 068m
Width - 2.878 m
Height - 2.06 m
Height from EEG - 1,414 m
Carrying capacity - 69 t
Wagon packaging weight - 22 t
Body volume - 73m3
Europallet - 30
4 axle semi car, model 12-753  Carrying capacity - 69 t
Wagon packaging weight - 22.5 t
Body volume - 74m3
4-axle all-metal semi car with deaf body, model 12-1505     Carrying capacity - 69 t
Wagon packaging weight - 21.1 t
Volume of body - 76m3


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