International trucking of goods is a widely used type of transportation of goods between countries. Although sea or railay frieght can be a useful solution for large volumes of cargo over long distances, truck transport can have many advantages over other methods.


international trucking

Transportation of goods by road remains a good solution because loading and unloading of goods/cargo is easier compared to sea or rail transport; this minimizes processing time and allows goods to reach their destination faster. Since trucking is the most versatile way to move goods and goods, it is also one of the fastest solutions. In other words, the cargo moves directly from point A to point B, without requiring any changes in modes of transport, as may be the case with other methods.

In addition, automobile vehicles can easily drive on all roads, regardless of weather conditions or seasonal changes. In a country like Russia, especially in terms of precipitation, this is a very attractive advantage.

Last but not least, this mode of transport is generally much more reliable in terms of unexpected delays. Indeed, road vehicles are more capable of managing established transport schedules. This allows you to better comply with the project at the time and location specified in the contract.

Advantages of international trucking

We carefully monitor the technical condition of the car, select the most suitable transport for the transportation of a particular cargo in order to minimize the impact of natural factors on the safety and quality of the transported goods.
No restrictions on types of goods
We accept various cargoes for transportation: bulk, piece, container. Due to the availability of different vehicles, transportation of goods of different sizes is available.
Prompt delivery
Cars move much faster than railways, their movement is practically not affected by external factors or other unforeseen circumstances.
Road freight transportation will cost much cheaper than air delivery, transportation by sea due to a well-planned route.

Advantages of international road transport

International road haulage provides more versatility as there are many solutions for off-road transportation. Multiple solutions enable road freight transport with a wider range of services tailored to every need.

Road transport will definitely satisfy all your transport needs due to its versatility, in particular due to the ways of loading / unloading, or through the ability to adapt to road conditions (such as weather and traffic. Road transport of goods is increasingly using technological advantages and improvements that make even more efficient routes for the movement of goods.

The final benefit is that you are in direct contact with road transport experts and carriers who can advise and assist you in your transport decision-making process.

How to order international road transport with Alfert?

To order international road transportation in the CIS, Kazakhstan, Europe or Central Asian countries, you must fill out an application on our website so that managers can contact you to discuss the details, or write in an online chat.

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