Acceptance and branding of goods - is the execution of all necessary documentation, checking the safety of the cargo and its delivery to the recipient.

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A complete inspection of the cargo delivered by the railway track, its alignment and reception will help to carry out specialized organizations. Today, more and more companies transport cargo by rail. It is a fast, reliable and efficient way of delivery. However, to cope with the receipt of such cargo can only be a specialist in the field. Full inspection of containers delivered by the railway, their reduction and reception will help to implement LLP «Alfert».

We process all accompanying documentation, ensure the safety of the transported products, and in case of its shortage or damage, we carry out appropriate actions and represent your interests. The presence of a specialist at the cutting, avoids many risks, as well as all necessary procedures in accordance with the established rules and regulations.

Container Decompression Steps

Forwarding and receiving of goods - a procedure consisting of several stages from the moment of arrival of the train at the railway station. On behalf of the client, this is done by a specialist. He works with documents, checks seals and transfers the cargo to the recipient.

1. Arrival of the train at the station. When the cargo arrives at the end of its route, station employees notify the customers. According to current regulations, the arrival of the cargo must be reported not later than noon of the day following the arrival of the wagons. And then, on behalf of the customer, the work of forwarders begins.

2. Payment of fees. The company pays all railway charges and duties. It should be noted that their value is usually known in advance and calculated before the goods are shipped. It should be remembered that the charges include, in addition to the cost of transportation, the cleaning of wagons and containers from the remnants of the cargo, they are paid for cleaning and washing.

3. Work with documents. Specialists work with documentation, solve all related issues, carry out registration in accordance with the legislation.

4. Unloading of containers and cargo inspection. Wagons are brought on special routes, where they do not obstruct the passage and passage of the population, if necessary, a crane is used and other preparations are made to unload the produce. Prior to that, the company’s specialist checks the site for all the seals, whether there are signs of autopsy or mechanical damage. In the event that such damage was found or after a visual inspection it turned out that the goods were smaller than when loaded, the specialist draws up a report and records all the inconsistencies.

When ordering a service from professionals, you can be sure that all your interests are respected. We save your time, eliminate the risks that may arise when accepting goods. We quickly deliver containers to their destination by the specified date.

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