Wagon repair

High-quality maintenance and repair of vehicles guarantee uninterrupted operation of the wagon fleet, prompt delivery of goods.

Ремонт вагонов

Special attention is paid to the condition of railway carriages, which transport valuable and fragile goods. It is important to control the correct operation, the wear limit of the transport in accordance with technical standards. Repair of railway staff is one of the list of services, which are engaged in the company «Alfert». Trust professionals, we will perform the work quickly and efficiently, and you will get rid of the hassle and get a guarantee of health and safety of the means of transportation of goods.

Repair of railway rolling stock: let’s talk about the advantages

Experts of «Alfert» LLP, whose central office is located in Almaty, will advise you on the nuances that should be taken into account when starting the repair of rolling stock.

We provide each customer with:

  • Repair services in a trustworthy depot in Russia, Kazakhstan and the whole CIS.
  • Monitoring at all stages of repair work.
  • Scheduled, capital, urgent repair of railway transport of any level of complexity - even one car.
  • Flexible prices, competent legal registration.
  • Assortment of spare parts and components for any kind of w/d transport, prompt delivery.
  • Documentation, obtaining expert opinions as quickly as possible.

Only for our customers there is an accompanying service, thanks to which you will avoid losses - rental cars. While your cars are undergoing repair of rolling stock in Kazakhstan or other countries, the firm will offer a worthy replacement for a reasonable fee for the necessary period of time.

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