Russia - Kazakhstan

Russia - Kazakhstan

Transport-forwarding company «Alfert» is waiting for the freight from Russia to Kazakhstan, as well as transit through Kazakhstan for many years.

In this market we have gained a reputation as a reliable partner since 2007. The company is able to transport goods by all available means of transport (from organization to escort), and also provides additional service according to the wishes of customers.

Россия - Казахстан

Each application received, managers quickly process, calculate the cost, coordinate it with the client, place an order, after which the delivery of the cargo is carried out on the chosen route exactly in time.

Cargo transportation from Russia to Kazakhstan: features and available types of transport

If you have ever encountered the independent transportation of goods in the CIS countries, you know how many «pitfalls» have to face. Among them:

  • adverse weather conditions;
  • night time;
  • problems with documentation due to differences in the legislative frameworks of the CIS countries;
  • movement of perishable products, oversized goods, dangerous liquids, and others.

Employees of the company, whose office is in Almaty, know how to overcome any difficulties on the way.

The company also carries out multimodal transport, which involves the use of different modes of transport at the time of delivery of cargo.

Cargo delivery to Kazakhstan from Russia

Our freight forwarding company provides delivery from Russia (Moscow) to Kazakhstan on favorable terms.

The price and all the details are agreed beforehand, the work is carried out transparently. Cargo is delivered from door to door, deadlines are strictly observed, and advantageous insurance conditions are offered. The route of the traffic is carefully considered and the border crossing is carried out without delay, in order not to harm perishable products.

We are chosen because:

Direct contacts with the domestic and international ports, repair depots, expert centers allow to carry out transportation at favourable prices and quality.
Our specialists make up the optimal route of movement, the schedule of meeting of vehicles in  transhipment points, a  also draw up the necessary documents.
We are working with all kinds of rolling stock, which allows you to find the best solution in the shortest possible time.
Tracking in real-time cargo location mode.

If the railway transportation of goods from Russia to Kazakhstan, or transit through Kazakhstan, then only «Alfert».

How we work
You leave an request on the website
Our specialist contacts with you for detailed consultation
We calculate the cost and conclude the contract
We are transporting to place of destination
You are satisfied and recommend us to your friends and partners
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